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U11s - Match Report

Sparked Revival

(Rowan Kitton 23/02/2020)

Congleton Rovers JFC U11s  Vs  Witton Albion JFC Under 11 - Warriors   (Score Withheld)

(Match Date: Saturday 22nd February 2020)
In a game that lasts for 60 minutes in total, it’s fair to say that Congleton Rovers performed brilliantly for 15 of them. Entertaining Witton Albion for the second consecutive game, Rovers’ players had remembered their kit, their boots and their drinks…. Everything but their footballing ‘A’ game. Not to panic though folks, that would come along later!

Witton couldn’t believe their luck. Just 2 weeks ago, Rovers dominated all over the pitch. Working hard, tackling, imposing themselves on the opposition and finishing clinically. Witton must have thought that they were facing a completely different team. Looking back over the season to date, it’s evident that Rovers start the game slowly and grow into it as it progresses. If only they could start a game like they are able to finish…. they’d be setting league records!

When half time finally came there was little to be positive about other than ‘things can only get better’. The mystery isn’t the fact that a team that played so poorly can suddenly play so well, the mystery is ‘what sparks the revival’? It’s almost as though they need to fall behind in order to find the belief and confidence that they are good enough to win.

Now let’s get back to the last 15 minutes……

Tackles were flying in and being won all over the pitch. I’ll say that again, tackles were flying in! Needing 4 more goals to rescue something from the game, everyone picked up their performance. The first 45 minutes was collective performance and so it is only fair to say that the final quarter of an hour was the same. As each Rovers goal went in, the players were growing in confidence and determination. No sooner had the ball found the back of the net, the players were sprinting back to restart the game and go again.

When the final goal went in, I don’t think anyone could have imagined such a turn around. Honours even at the final whistle felt like a great victory for Congleton and a devastating blow for the shellshocked visitors. This was a great lesson for all and proof that a game is never over until the end.